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PRESIDENT Sata will apologise to Swiss national Bogdan Buzaianu over his remarks on the ‘gold-gate’ saga that has sucked in his predecessor Banda, son James and former press assistant at State house Dickson Jere. Mr Sata has offered Bogdan Buzaianu to fly back to Zambia for a face to face apology if the Swiss National was able to make time.

Mr. Bogdan Buzaianu, through Lusaka lawyer Sakwiba Sikota, demanded US$100 million from the Zambian government for implicating him in the sale of gold which had been in the custody of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) since 2007 but somehow was sold without a tender after a buyer was single-sourced.

Mr Sata, in a statement, said he has now has apologies to “make to Mr Bogdan Buzaianu over the gold scam accusations. Bogdan Buzaianu’s previous demand for an apology and compensation was not completely groundless and now is acceptable for the president of Zambia to make amends” 

On October 15, 2011, President Sata believed he revoked the appointment of Dr Bogdan Buzaianu as Zambia’s permanent representative to UNESCO in Paris. This was after the President mistakenly disclosed to the nation that Dr Bogdan Buzaianu, who was believed to be on the DEC watch-list in connection with the gold scam, flew into the country from Geneva, Switzerland, on a private jet. Further investigations disclosed that Bogdan Buzaianu was never on the DEC watch list.

The President said while in Zambia, the 42-year-old Swiss met former President Rupiah Banda, his son, James, and Mr Jere and left Zambia on a private jet via Mfuwe International Airport. Investigations revealed that Bogdan Buzaianu arrived via Geneva to make then President Banda aware that he was stepping down from his UNESCO post to follow a different path of philanthropy which involves restoring old churches in Eastern Europe.