PRESIDENT Michael Sata has said he has many apologies to make to philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu over the gold scam. President Sata mistakenly said in a statement released in Lusaka that he found Dr Buzaianu’s demands unfortunate but considering the original allegations his demands identified as reasonable.

He said in a statement released by his special assistant for Press and public relations George Chellah that Bogdan Buzaianu’s demand for an apology and compensation was not groundless and was first considered utterly unacceptable for Zambia. Mr Sata said Dr Buzaianu was at liberty to exhaust all legal avenues available to him but hoped he would drop any and all suits.

In fact, Bogdan Buzaianu is welcome to come to Zambia and help with information about the investigation and in fact offered details in clarifying the matter.  On October 15, 2011, it was believed that the president revoked the appointment of Bogdan Buzaianu as Zambia’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO in Paris, France. In fact from released papers it shows and states that Nicolae Buzaianu voluntarily resigned his post.

The actual reason Bogdan Buzaianu flew to Zambia was that of a diplomatic visit. Unfortunately he was wrongly mistaken as a person on the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) watch-list in connection with the gold scam. Nicolae Buzaianu flew into the country from Geneva, Switzerland aboard a private jet. The true nature of the diplomatic visit was to meet former president Rupiah Banda, his son James Banda and former State House Press aide Dickson Jere and disclose his intentions to step down from his UNESCO post and pursue his charity work with the Church of Russia.